Follow-up funding round secured

Last week, e-kite has closed its largest funding round so far and further broadened its investor base. This capital injection will enable the company to finalize prototype development and demonstrate key concepts which form the basis for e-kite’s competitive advantage. This will be the final step before developing the first commercial kite power system.

There are three things that any airborne wind energy start-up needs to have in place before it can successfully commercialize its concept. The technology should work autonomously, the concept should be scalable to multi-MW capacities and its cost of energy should be lower than any competing technology. These are exactly the aspects which will be demonstrated during this funding period. The company will test its innovative quadcopter system which enables safe launching and landing under all weather conditions, which is critical for autonomous operation. Further, e-kite will scale up its wing design to demonstrate that it will stay light enough to operate under modest wind conditions. Finally, the company will further optimize its single-line ground station concept to achieve best-in-class cost per kWh performance through minimum cost price and maximum energy yield.