Automated launching & landing of wing

e-kite has successfully automated the launching and landing procedures of its ultra-light wing. This is a crucial step towards the goal of fully autonomous operation of its kite power system. This achievement puts the company at the forefront of the nascent airborne wind energy market, since only very few start-ups have an effective solution for launching and landing wings.

E-Kite’s patented launch and land system consists of a GPS-driven quadcopter, which is integrated in the wing of the kite power system. When launching, the quadcopter carries the wing to cruising altitude after which the propellers are switched off and the wind takes over. Once weather conditions force the kite power system to dock the wing, then the propellers are switched on again to safely land it on the launch pad of the ground station.
This milestone has been achieved with financial support from the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.