TU Delft students awarded

e-kite congratulates the Airborne Wind Power team on winning the prestigious Design Synthesis Exercise competition. The team, consisting of 9 Aerospace Engineering students at TU Delft, has worked 10 weeks on the design of a wing suitable for kite power systems. The final result was an innovative wing design, which is both light-weight and very durable. Those two characteristics are critical for the economic viability of kite power systems.

Today the team, sponsored by e-kite and the kite power 2.0 initiative, presented their results in front of an international jury of renowned experts. Despite the strong competition, the Airborne Wind Power team came out first due to their innovative and thorough work and their meticulous presentation.

e-kite hopes to continue the successful collaboration with these students and the members of the Kite Power Research Group at TU Delft to realize further technological breakthroughs in the future.