First flight

Today, e-kite has made a first flight with its prototype 50kW kite power system. This is a significant milestone in the development of the first commercially viable kite power system in the world. It further shows that the company is well on track to commercially launch its 50kW product in 2016.

Starting point for the development of e-kite’s 50kW model was to design a safe and reliable kite power system that can operate autonomously and that is affordable to small and medium scale investors. Safety risks are minimal due to the use of a soft-structure kite in combination with an extensive range of safety features. The fully-automated kite launch and retrieve system enables autonomous operation, while the simple and robust design with relatively few moving parts results in low investment and operational costs. Another differentiating design feature is the mobility of the system, which allows it to be used for temporary applications.

e-kite’s team was able to develop its 50kW model in such a short time period due to its deep experience in wind industry and thanks to the development support from its professional supplier base. The company also intensively cooperates with universities and other knowledge institutions.