e-Kite is a high-tech start-up company active in designing, manufacturing and marketing of kite power systems. With these systems, wind energy can be generated through ultra-light wings at >50% lower cost of energy compared to wind turbines. e-kite is a privately funded company, which is founded in 2013 and based in the Netherlands.




Our vision is to enable profitable generation of wind energy without the aid of subsidies or other incentives.

Our mission is therefore to develop and market kite power systems that can generate electricity at cost levels below those of fossil fuel power plants.

We have started this endeavour by developing a 50kW proof-of-concept system with which we have tested since 2014. Currently, we are working on a commercial 100kW model, which will be available as of 2018.




Coert Smeenk
Mechanical Engineer


— Concept structural design of a tidal energy plant for IHC Merwede
— Wind turbine mechanical engineer at EWT (leading role in mechanical design of a 2MW turbine)
— Mechanical engineer at USG Innotiv Product Development
— Designer at Vormdrift


— MSc Industrial Design Engineering

Alfred van den Brink
Technical Director


— Technical Director at EWT (supervised development of a 2MW turbine)
— Led engineering divisions with Johnson Controls, Eaton Automotive, SAGEM and AG Autogas


 Automotive Engineering degree
— MBA from Keele University

Max ter Horst
Business director


— Manager Strategy & Business Development at EWT
— Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co.
— Wind project manager at Deutsche Essent


 MSc Chemical Engineering (cum laude)
 MSc Business Administration

Bert Regelink
Software Engineer


— Project manager/developer at Byte-Link (developed control system software for EWT’s 2MW turbine)
— Flight dynamics engineer at SES New Skies (developed software for satelite maneuvers)


— MSc Computer Engineering